Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Fish, Two Fish

Aren't they cute?! Since it's summer, I've been working outside my box and creating projects that aren't people. I hadn't worked on a fishes, let alone crabs, so I figured I oughtta. I found these little guys on Inkadinkadoo. (I'm starting to see a pattern here...) They're even called "cute fish". We're going to color 'em with our fabulous Copics, give 'em some texture with the Copic Colorless Blender and bling them up with Spikas! We'll top the designs off with some Dew Drops. Class is Tuesday, July 26th - you can take either the 12:30 or 6:00 class and it's only $5 to make both cards. The the colors required for class are YR04, YR07, BG15, Y13, Y15, Colorless Blender, YG03 and YG05. The markers and the stamp set can be purchased for 20% off when you take the class. We have tons of fun, so I hope you'll give us a call at Scrap 'N Friends (833-2600) to sign up and join us.

I'm hoping to have the card design for our regular technique class (using Kraft Glassine) on Monday - it's pretty popular stuff and has been back ordered for a bit, but I should have it later this week.

Have a terrific 4th of July!

Until Next Time!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who Says Part 2

Good Afternoon To You All!

I know I already posted about using Copics for things other than cards, and this posting is in the vein. It's actually a bit of a testament to the versatility of the digital stamp as well. I can print those little puppies whatever size I want pretty much which is what I did for the scrapbooking layout I did below. I colored her in and put her on my page - isn't she cute? She's acid free and scrapbook save! (After the alcohol in the ink evaporates, it's all good. I know going from cards to scrapbooks is not much of a stretch by any means, but I want all my scrappy friends out there to know it can be done. I like to use the digital stamps in layouts because I can make them an embellishment to fit anywhere - big or small, but there are plenty of stamps out there that are big enough just the way they are to use in a layout. I'll post them as they get done. So that said enjoy and keep stamps and Copic colored images in mind for your next layout!

Coming soon: A preview of July's Copic Tech Class - One Fish, Two Fish!

Until next time,

This little cute is Soccer Anya from one of my favs, The Greeting Farm

This was a blast - Jenna attended Crew Camp last Spring - she got to practice her skeelz with members of the Columbus Crew Major League Soccer team.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Howdy Ya'll - (something I swore I would never say and now I use it way too much!) I think I've finally recuperated from my Disney Vacation. Lots of fun but very exhausting. Now I have to get my pictures taken care and get busy on pages. I have to sort thru about 700 pictures (which seem like a small amount to me considering we were gone a week.) and get that number done to something manageable. Of course I'll get those whittled down and have to weed out more after they're printed. They definitely treat you well down there at Disney. Although I have to say if I see someone on a rascal it'll be too soon - my apologizes if I offend. I have to say, they were some of the rudest folks down there. Face it - it's summer, one of the busiest times down there, we're all there to see everything and have fun, us folks on foot are just trying to get around just like you, so there's no need to be rude and nasty if someone turns and steps in front of you by accident. I would also appreciate not being run over and given dirty looks because I don't move as fast as your groovy little scooter. because of the heat and the scooters, I have to say there were times that that "Happiest  Place On Earth" was the "Grouchiest Place On Earth". While I'm on the subject why do you bring a teeny tiny newborn baby to Disney and wait in line (in the sun mind you) to get photos and autographs with Disney characters? Really? I have to tell you, but they won't remember it - I however will remember you trying to run me down with your baby stroller so you can try to cut in line. I know, I know. I don't sound like I had a good time. Really I did! Star Wars weekend rocked! We rode Star Tours 3 times - that my friends is how Star Wars is meant to be viewed, in motion and in 3D. I have to say Hyperspace Hoopla is hilarious - much more so in person than watching it on Youtube.
Anyway, I'll get back to the artwork next week. Until then have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who Says

Who says Copics are just for coloring stamps - you can do fine art with them as well! (I'm sure you all already knew that). They were originally created for comic artists in Japan (manga), so it's only natural that they would be fabulous for artwork as well. These are a couple small sketches I did recently from some art I drew and had scanned into the computer. They aren't very big - approx. 5x7ish. I printed them from my inkjet printer onto Bazzil Simply Smooth cardstock. I pretty pleased with the results.So, I hope this opens up some doors from you closet fine artists!
I"ll have to work on some card designs and techniques for next month here very soon! Remember, I'm open to suggestions!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Until next time,