Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Crabby Good Morning!

Hello all!
I guess we're awaiting round 2 of the storms this evening. The hail that fell down in Centerville etc, was more the kind of thing we'd see in New Mexico - holy cow!
Anyway, we'll be working on a cute little hermit crab for our June Copic class. The more I think about the more I'm wondering if it should be called a technique class - we've mainly been concentrating on blending and I have thrown a little technique here and there. We've been mainly building up our little collections.(well okay, some of us don't have little collections and we all know who we're talking about here.) So, what do you think we should maybe call them instead? Post me your thoughts. Also, are there any techniques Copic or otherwise you're interested in learning? Send me those requests as well - I'm always up for a challenge and a mess! I know I will be having a Shadows and Shading class (TBA) for those of you who would like to understand what I mean when I start talking about a "light source" and you're be able to give more depth to your work. Keep an eye peeled for that one.
As a quick reminder, if you would like to sign up for any of Scrap 'N Friends classes, give us a call at the store at 937-833-2600, email us at or shoot me a message - we'll get you signed up. There will be a Copic beginner class scheduled for July if you haven't had a chance to take it yet and have wanted to. Please, please, please, help us out with our class planning and if you have signed up for a class and can't make it or you'd like us to give you a call to remind you of a class that you have signed up for please let us know - it helps us a great deal to know how much prep we need to do ahead of time and keeps class cost down as well.

Okay, I've rambled  on long enough - have a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!

Until next time,

Our cute little crabby is an Inkadinkadoo stamp and also comes with the title. We will be using R32, R35, R37, BG0000, BG10 and BG15. The colorless blender is also a good idea if you don't have one already.

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