Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shrinky Dinks and Copics

My good friend Ann asked me a while back if I had tried  using my Copics on Shrinky Dinks - my answer - "Yes, yes I have." I tend to like anything that revolves around using my heat gun and yes, you can shrink those puppies with a heat gun! It's waaaaay more fun than watching it thru the oven door, plus you can help it flatten out better. Anyway, when I did my little experiment, I used some white shrinky dink stuff you could send thru an inkjet printer. (Clear would be fun for a sun-catcher look) Now that said, you have to be careful about coloring. I purposely stayed away from the black when I colored. I wasn't taking any chances. I know you can stamp with Stays-On etc., but I think, especially being a slick surface, I would still try not to get too close to the black lines. I also found that if you can us a digi stamp for this, depending on what you want to use the end result for, you can start out much bigger. A stamped image is going to get pretty small. You can see the size I started with and what I ended with in the photo. Being that you are working on a smooth surface, you can't really do any blending with your Copics. When you first start coloring you will notice that even a dark color seems pretty light. Don't let it fool you. When you shrink it down the colors will be much more intense. In some cases much brighter than on paper. These particular digi stamps came from The Greeting Farm (one of my favs), Soccer Anya - I made this for my daughter to put on her backpack zipper and Chibi Spain. So, if you get a chance to experiment with Copics and Shrinky Dinks it is a lot of fun. You could make ornaments, embellishments, even earrings!
Give it a try - you know you want to....
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  1. You go girl!!!!! and your friend Ann too.....see you both at Scrap 'N Friends! Maybe a cool class in the future?????