Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wonderful Surprise!

Good Morning All!
I know what you're thinking...2 days in a row? What's up with that?! Well, I'm so very excited because I just received my first blog award! Woo Hoo! (I hope more will eventually follow!) I have been given the "Liebster Award" by Judy from

"Liebster" is German for "Dearest". The award is a "Share the love arrangement", given to inspirational bloggers with less that 200 followers.

Here's the to do list for any of the Liebster Blog Award recipients.

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who presented you the award .
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog.

Cathy at
Jessica at
Scrapper's Delights at
Cynthia at
Carol at

These blogs inspire me in a variety of ways - Check'em out and get inspired yourself and send them some love.

Until next time,

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