Thursday, April 12, 2012

On Cloud 9

Good Morning All!

Here's a looksie at May's Copic class. Being that coloring people and the like are one of my favorite things to do, we're going to work on this cute image by Stamping Bella - "Alteetude". We'll be able to focus on coloring hair. Now don't panic when you see the list of colors, most of you will have quite a few of them, in fact I'll (*) the ones we've used before and if you're off a number, it's still doable. However, we will be using my favorite "blond" combo and I know I haven't asked for those before.

This is what we're using: E000, E01*, E02*, E51, E53, E55, E40*, E42*, E44*, RV10, RV11, RV13, BG000, BG01. Now remember, if you're a number off it will still work, for instance, I know we've used E00 before on another project. If you don't want to get E000 that's fine, E00 will work it just won't be as much of a contrast. Same with the BG colors, that what was used for the clouds. Unless you want those colors for your fab Copic collection, just use the B000, etc. Make sense?

Hope to see you there! To sign up, give us a call at Scrap 'N Friends at 833-2600 to reserve your spot. Remember to let them know what markers you need on the list, whether you'd like the stamp itself and whether you want afternoon or evening on May 8th.

Update! The Technique Tag class on May 1st will also have an evening class, so if you'd like to take it, but couldn't come in the afternoon, join us in the evening!

Also, I want to remind everyone that on May 5th, Scrap 'N Friends will be holding a National Scrapbooking Day event at the Brookville Community Center from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. $25 gets you 12 hours of crop time, breakfast, lunch drinks, snacks and raffle tickets for great door prizes! This will be a fantastic girl's day out plus you'll be supporting the American Cancer Society. Proceeds from this crop will be donated to the Team Danimal Relay-For-Life team. See you there!

Until Next Time!

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