Saturday, April 7, 2012

Technique Tags!

Okay, I know I'm probably being a bit of a copy-cat with this however, I think it's a fab idea and will be helpful to all my techie friends out there. Beginning in May, I will be starting a Technique Tag class. Why tags? Well, they can be put on a ring and hung up put in your bag etc. The idea is to have these little samples handy so you remember what you did and what you did it with. Each month we'll do at least one tag (possibly more depending on the technique) and when we're done we'll put a label on the back with the technique, what we used to make it and a space for you to write your colors down, so if you like your combos, you can recreate it. Now, I cannot take the credit for this wonderfully-fabulous idea - that goes to Mr. Tim Holtz. In taking his Creative Chemistry class I've learned a few things and remembered how you did something is sooo important. I mean how many times have you come across something you've done in a class, but you don't remember how and with what it was made. Well now you will. :-) So, if you're interested in making a techniquey mess with me give Scrap 'N Friends a call at 833-2600 and sign up. I haven't forgotten all my evening class friends. If I get enough interest in having an evening class I will, so when you sign up, let the gals at the store know. If I have at least 3 it'll be a done deal. :-)
Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!
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